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  Founding on 2000, HTTS Construction Management Co., Ltd. Beijing is approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and registered in Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. It mainly deals with construction management, construction project tendering agency, construction project cost consultation, project management, construction technology consultation, construction technology service and project evaluation.

  Supported by the talent resources of Tsinghua University, we have excellent experts and counselors with profound knowledge and exquisite technology. All of the staff have practical experience in construction management, construction cost management, construction project technology consultation, being familiar with relevant regulations and management procedures. Some of them have participated in overseas construction project management. Since the beginning, HTTS has completed about hundreds of programs on construction management, construction project tendering agency, construction project cost consultation and project management, all of them win favorable comments from the owners.

  The company has Grade A qualification of construction project management, Grade A qualification for Municipal Public Works Project Supervision; Grade A qualification for Historical Conservation Project Supervision and Grade B qualification for Electromechanical Installation Project Supervision; Grade A qualification of tendering agency of project, Grade A qualification of engineering cost consultation, Grade C qualification of engineering consultation, Grade B qualification of tendering agency of investment projects of the central government, and one of the pioneer organizations of construction engineering project management authorized by Beijing Commission Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

  It has also obtained the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO14001-2004 Environment Management System Certificate and GB/T28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate, and AAA Credit Status Certificate. HTTS is the member of China Association of Engineering Consultants and vice president unit of Beijing Construction Project Management Association; member of China Tendering & Bidding Association and Beijing Construction Project Tendering & Bidding Association; director unit of Beijing Construction Project Cost Management Association and member of Beijing Engineering Consultant Association. HTTS has been awarded “Advanced Unit in Beijing Construction Management Industry” for six straight times from 2002 to 2007, “Excellent & Advanced Organization in Beijing Construction Management Industry” in 2008 to 2009,and 2010 to 2011, “’Olympic Project Management Contribution Award’ in Construction Management Industry” in 2007, “Advance Unit in Earthquake Relief” by China Association of Engineering Consultants and Beijing Construction Project Management Association in 2008 and “Honest, Excellent and Advanced Tendering Agency” by China Tendering & Bidding Association in 2009 and 2011. “Beijing City Advanced Management of Construction Project Cost” of 2012-2013 .

  In early 1994, Tsinghua Science Park was planned by Tsinghua University for implementing the strategy of "rejuvenating the nation through science and education", speeding up the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, giving full play to the advantages of the talent and science and technology of Tsinghua University, and promoting the cooperation of industry, university and research institution. And the park was listed as a key base for industrialization of science and technology in the Capital's strategy of economy development by Beijing Municipal Government. Tsinghua Science Park has a land area of 22 hectares and its planned gross building area is above 600,000sq.m. Tsinghua Science Park Development Center, as the business entity, takes charge of the planning, construction, development, operation and management of the Park on behalf of Tsinghua University. The park has come into its form after these years development under the strong support from the central government leaders, Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Government. So far about 600,000 sq.m building area has been completed and put into operation, including Tsinghua Unisplendour Building, Huaye Building, Tongfang Building, Xueyan Building, Innovation Plaza, Chuangye Building and Science & Technology Building. Being formed through reconstructing of organizations and reorganization, HTTS Construction Management Co., Ltd. Beijing covers most of the principal specialized technical personnel who were responsible for the prophase engineering construction of the Development Center of Beijing Tsinghua Science & Technology Park. We have accumulated rich practical experience in the prophase engineering construction of Tsinghua Science Park with the support of solid scientific research strength and advanced technical equipments. Most of our staff have been engaged in domestic engineering management projects and obtained favorable comments from project construction organizations. Some staff have taken part in overseas engineering management project and project argumentation of large projects, having profound theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience.

  Scientific management system guarantees high-quality consultation and management services. we have been constantly exploring and summarizing, starting with establishing perfect management system. we have established a management organization with scientific distribution, clearly-defined function and close connection. And we have worked out complete management procedure, bidding agency procedure, cost consultation procedure, project management procedure, etc. Lifelong liability system of construction quality is adopted for all personnel, from general manager to ordinary engineering consultation and management staff. During the process of engineering management and pre-service, we provide sincere services in strict accordance with engineering management principles and offer comprehensive supervisory control to ensure standardized, satisfactory and efficient services.